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or automotive joint ventures in the world's largest car market ▓amid a broader push for further opening."The de

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lis▓h a free-trade port system in the country's southernmost island province of Hainan."China safeguards a multilateral trade system. Low▓ering auto import tariffs is a major step to expanding reform and opening-up," the Min

  1. istry of Finance said.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatChina's environ

    ment minister has urg▓ed strict monitoring and crack-down on automobiles with excessive exhaust emissions to improve air quality.Environment mini

    st▓er urges crack-down on high-emission vehiclesEnvironment minister urges crack-down on high-emission vehicles02-19-2017 10:54 BJTBEIJING, Feb▓.

  2. Friday.The Chinese capital is working to build a city-level environmental monitoring ▓system over automobiles to comprehensively control emissions f

    rom mobile sources.Chen called for accelerating the establishment of a national regulation platform for automobile emissions with a technical supp

    ort system, as well as a network that monitors high-emission vehic▓les all the time and from all angles.He said drivers or owners of vehicles with

the country's reform

excessive exhaust emissions should be severely punished in accordance with the law and relevant puni▓shment details will be made public.Automobile emissions contribute 31.1 percent of Beijing's▓ average PM2.5 density. With a d

  1. iameter of less than 2.5 micrometers, the particulate matter has been a primary factor behind hazardous smog.Please scan the QR Co

    de to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatChina's self-developed automobile manufacturers achieved stable and fast g

    rowth from January to October even though the global auto market saw▓ sluggishness. Chinese brands are also optimistic about next year's performanc

  2. e.As China's largest auto export manufacturer, Cherry's port is as busy as usual shipping its vehicles to buyers. But many of the sales

    which used to go to Russia and Ukraine are now going to Middle Eastern and African countries.Yin Tongyao, Cherry General Manager said "Ukraine use

    d to buy up to five or six thousand vehicles in a month before. Now it only buys about a thousand. Russia u▓sed to purchase several thousand in a m

  3. onth. It is now still selling storage."In the first ten months of this year, Ch▓erry exported 125-thousand vehicles, up thirty percen

    t compared to the same period last year.Some other Chinese brand▓s such as FAW and Dongfeng have seen good performances this▓ year. In Jilin provi

    nce, of the newly registered cars in September▓ and October, one fourth were Chinese brands.Ding Hongxiang, China Automobile Dealers Association said

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and opening-up and economic

"Chinese manufactures are more f▓amiliar with the Chinese market, especially some small local market▓s. They have better opportunities in the China marke▓t."Zhang

globalization," s

Peijie, General Manager of FAW said "Despite uncertain factors for next year, w▓e still have an optimistic forecast. We predict that next year ou▓r auto sales grow

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th will be 15 percent, higher than the average of the ind▓ustry."Even though global manufacturing industries are facing sluggishness. China's automobil▓e exports are maintainin

aid Dong Yang, dep

g growth. In the first three quarters, China exported 560-thou▓sand vehicles, thirty percent higher than the same period la▓st year.Related stories:BEIJING, Dec. 10 -- China will extend stimulus measures in the automobile industry for one more year, with small adjustme▓nts, to further support the world's biggest and fastest-growing auto market. The government announced the decision Wednesday after an executive meeting of the Stat

e Council chaired by Premier Wen Jiabao. The stimulus package, which was due to expire at the end of this month, includes a 50 percent cut in the 10 percent purchase tax for cars with an engine capacity of, or less than, 1.6 liters and subsidies for trade-in cars. I

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